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"Reading Heidi's work is an invitation to experience the wonder around us." Lucy Adkins, author of "One Life Shining: Addie Finch, Farmwife" (Pudding House Press)
"Heidi's poetry takes you out on a limb - but her words won't let you fall, instead lifting you with wit and the steel of truth." Becky Breed, Educator
"Depth of meaning, precision of language; borne on a foaming tide of words - Heidi’s work is a lovely bundle of contemporary poetry that floats you across America’s heartland so successfully that you are left longing to live there and see such things as she does" Ian Barker, Poet and Author
Photo by Heidi Hermanson
“With an ear for sound and an eye for shifting realities, Heidi's poems are beautiful in the mouth and revelatory in the heart. Rarely does one juxtapose grace and pain with as much precision as she does, utilizing the smallest details of the average day. Heidi's poetry is a doorway to the Midwest, and a road map to the core self.” Kelly Madigan
"Heidi has exceedingly beautiful ears." Buddy Wakefield, Performance and slam poet