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Naked Words - poetry and spoken word open mic
…Naked   Words   is   where   you   will   find   a   spirit   which   cried   out   at   cruelties   painted   in   sharp   words; where    gorgon    monsters    roamed    amongst    Welsh    bards    who    leaned    in    shadow    against    stone monoliths;   a   spirit   which   tripped   from   Romany   tongues   and   cloaked   story-tellers   who   told   stories   of Danish kings and birds born from the ashes of their ancestors.   All   this….and   it’s   in   the   center   of   Omaha.   Begin   here   -   because   it’s   where   all   poets   should   be   born.   This is what poetry should be. Ian Barker,     Omaha poet .
Poetry, Frivolty, the Occasional Pop-Tart”. Hosted by Heidi Hermanson Held   on   the   first   Wednesday   of   every   month from 6pm to 8pm at:
Soul Desires, 1026 Jackson Street  Omaha, NE 68102-2823
Photo by Heidi Hermanson
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